Hooktheory I

Hooktheory I

By Ryan Miyakawa, Dave Carlton & Chris Anderson

  • Release Date : 2012-06-05
  • Genre : Musik
  • FIle Size : 91.82 MB


Hooktheory I The 2nd Edition of Hooktheory I is now available on iBooks (released March 2017). We recommend purchasing the 2nd edition rather than this 1st Edition.

Ever wonder how to write a song like the ones you listen to everyday? "Hooktheory I" is an interactive guide through the rules and structure behind chord progressions, melody, and their relationship to one another, to help musicians understand the how and why behind great music., hooktheory ii, hooktheory i music theory pdf, hooktheory i download, hooktheory i pdf, hooktheory ii apk, hooktheory i apk, hooktheory ipad, hooktheory i music theory apk, hooktheory ipa, hooktheory i free download